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White gold coated silver & vvs Moissanite

Vvs diamond rings from $400

For under $500, we offer a stylish engagement ring crafted with VVS clarity Moissanite and 925 silver, designed to retain its value. This ring can be exchanged for a gold and diamond ring at any time in the future. It's an affordable, fashionable ring that meets diamond standards.

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Start forever with our Gem
Ready to embark on a journey of forever with your special someone? Let us find the gem that says 'priceless' as clearly as your love does. No matter your budget, we promise a stone that sparkles with value. Talk to us, and we'll make sure your symbol of eternal commitment shines as brightly as your future together.

Budget Friendly Engagement and Anniversary Gift

According to your personal budget.
We offer gold and silver options with Moissanite and diamonds, catering to both extravagant and limited budgets.